John Smith "Great Lakes" cover

Recorded at Bryn Derwen, Bethesda and The Church, London over nine days in the month of May.

1.  There Is A Stone

2.  Great Lakes

3.  England Rolls Away

4.  Freezing Winds Of Change

5.  Town To Town

6.  Salty And Sweet

7.  She Is My Escape

8.  Away We Go

9.  Perfect Storm

10. Forever To The End

11. Lungs

John Smith "Eavesdropping" cover

Recorded in my bass player's dining room over five days in March, this is a collection of some of my favourite cover songs including "Sign Your Name" by Terence Trent D'Arby and "Not Over Yet" by Grace.

1.  Genie In A bottle

2.  Waterfall

3.  Sign Your Name

4.  Song To The Siren

5.  This Killer Wave

6.  Jenny Again

7.  I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

8.  Gently Johnny

9.  Not Over Yet

10. Ain't No Ash Will Burn

John Smith "Map Or Direction" cover

Recorded out the back of a Chevrolet on the road through Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Over those twelve days in October we took in train tracks, motel bathrooms, abandoned churches, and bayou porches. The title is taken from album opener "Invisible Boy", a ghostly lament recorded in a bamboo forest.

1.  Invisible Boy

2.  Hands

3.  Axe Mountain

4.  A Long Way For A Woman

5.  Another Country

6.  The Fear, The Horror

7.  Oliver

8.  Watch Her Die

9.  Swords

10. Death And The Lady

John Smith "The Fox And The Monk" cover

Debut album. Recorded over ten days in a freezing Liverpool attic studio in January. Features live favourites "Winter" and "To Have So Many".

1.  Matchbox Man

2.  So, So

3.  Winter

4.  Squares And Circles

5.  Green Man

6.  Something Terrible

7.  Corridors

8.  Bones

9.  The Hours

10. Johnny Was A Shoemaker

11. To Have So Many

12. The Magician

13. Library